Oscar Beijbom


I'm the Machine Learning Lead at nuTonomy, where I work on the deep learning algorithms for our fleet of autonomous vehicles. Before joining nuTonomy I was a postdoctoral scholar in Trevor Darrell's lab at Berkeley AI Research. There, I worked on automated quantification of scientific image-data using deep learning.

Before Berkeley, I studied computer vision and machine learning at UCSD under David Kriegman and Serge Belongie, and engineering physics at Lund University under Kalle Åström.

Previously, I was lead developer at Hövding where I created the algorithmic framework and hardware design for their invisible bicycle helmet. I have also worked on automated dietary logging systems for consumer applications and focusing algorithms for image-based cell analysis.

I also manage and develop CoralNet, deploying deep convolutional neural networks to help coral reef ecologists mine image data.

This website is inspired by Peter Welinder. Thanks Peter!